Light, composition and imagination

My love of photography has grown through the years since College days, taking candid shots at speakers corner in Hyde Park, and continued recording travel adventures around Britain and the globe.

My camera is a frequent companion, much to the irritation of my friends and colleagues who either spend too much time waiting, or wondering what I’m shooting at times with nothing photogenic apparent.

The commercial aspect really crept into my photography. Busy getting on with my profession since college, graphic design, clients started asking me to photograph people or products for them. Other times I knew the shot I wanted for a design and asked the client if I could take the shots myself.

But I’m constantly image hunting whether commissioned or for myself.

I’m equally motivated whether realising the dramatic angles in architecture, catching the expression and light in a portrait, or the adrenaline fuelled split second in a sports-shot, armed with the appropriate pro lens to capture the desired image.

On view is a recent collection of images, both commercial and personal. New challenges and adventures will present themselves and the collection will evolve.


Thai villager